Edge Digital - Marketing Within the Legal Sector Seminar

Edge Digital - Marketing Within the Legal Sector Seminar

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I had the pleasure yesterday of being a table host for the first Edge Digital, Marketing within the Legal Sector seminar. Held at the ICEAW's conference centre (I guess Chancery Lane was nto available), it saw around 90 people gather to talk "marketing".

I, of course, was wearing a trademark orange shirt...just to stand out, even amongst law firm marketers!

The speakers were excellent with Kent Valentine (Draw) talking about "Castles & Gardens".  Lee Grunnell (Thirteen) made a lot of sense suggesting how law firms should be "distinctive".

Dana Denis-Smith (Obelisk) talked about her journey in setting up her business and how they used storytelling.  One of the most useful sessions of the afternoon for many people I spoke to was that presented by Sarah-Jane Howitt (Weightmans) on how they ran their internal engagement strategies within the firm.  It's hard to argue with her approach when she's a non-lawyer Partner in the firm.

The final session was by Keith Hardie (Bird & Bird) on "maximising the value of your digital presence".  Another good session.

Images of my mind-maps are below and you can click through to a high resolution of each one.