Magic marketing? Of course. Why not during lockdown?

Magic marketing? Of course. Why not during lockdown?

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We've written previously about what law firms should be doing with their marketing during the biggest crisis in living memory.

The key thing is to stay in at the forefront of your customers' or prospects' minds.  OK, so they might not be ready to buy from you right now but they will, at some point, when these strange times are over. And you want them thinking of you.

So where did the idea of putting on a magic show come from?  Well, a friend of mine Chris Simmance runs a virtual 'pub' called The Corona Arms which is a place for anyone involved in digital marketing to hang out. And besides just chatting and drinking, Chris and his co-founders have put on loads of different events. And a magic show was one of them.

Last week I was talking with a customer and we were talking about the proliferation of Zoom quizzes all of a sudden as everyone tries to stay engaged with others during lockdown and that there was already some 'quiz fatigue' going on. So we had to think of something else that the team could enjoy and something that we could extend to customers and friends of the business.

So what better than a magic show from Pete Heat. Pete is a UK street magician who performs at the world’s most prestigious corporate and private events. He also stars in two Sky TV street magic series: Secrets Of The Brain and Around The World In 80 Tricks. His client list is as impressive as it is varied, including everyone from Google to Coutts, from Adidas to Vogue, and from Carey Mulligan to Elle Macpherson. He’s not just one of the best magicians in London. He’s one of the best, most cutting edge and exciting street magicians in the UK.

And he was just BRILLIANT. 45 minutes of sheer amazement in everyone's faces. Adults and children alike.

If you need something to do with your friends or your team, you can book Peter directly on his website for a minimum of £50 for 25 minutes...and he can do a lot of magic in 25 minutes. Give it a go!