Conscious Solutions Acquires Law Firm Marketing Club to Foster Growth and Collaboration in Legal Marketing

Conscious Solutions Acquires Law Firm Marketing Club to Foster Growth and Collaboration in Legal Marketing

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The Law Firm Marketing Club (LFMC), established by legal marketing expert Clare Fanner, has announced its transfer of ownership to Conscious Solutions. The LFMC was founded in 2020 to provide support, resources, and a community for law firm marketers. The decision to transfer ownership to Conscious Solutions is expected to expand the club's reach, impact and offering to law firms.

Clare Fanner, founder of the LFMC, has been a marketer for 30-years and since 2007, has been working with forward-thinking regional law firms across the UK. As a consultant, she established the LFMC to address the challenges faced by in-house law firm marketers and create a safe space for collaboration, learning and growth.

Clare said, "The LFMC started as a passion project to help law firms, since then it has evolved into a unique community that is making a difference in the legal sector. I am confident that Conscious Solutions will continue to uphold the club's vision and values while taking it to new heights."

Conscious Solutions is a well-established digital marketing agency specialising in law firms. With a shared vision of helping law firms succeed online, they are the ideal partner for LFMC's growth and development.

David Gilroy, Managing Director of Stuff & Things at Conscious Solutions, commented: "We are excited to welcome the Law Firm Marketing Club into the Conscious Solutions portfolio. We believe that the LFMC provides a unique platform that aligns perfectly with our vision of helping law firms become more successful online. Together, we will work to expand the club's reach and impact while maintaining the core values that have made it so special."

The LFMC offers a range of resources and services, including creating opportunities for law firm marketers and leaders to collaborate, webinars, podcasts, research, and networking opportunities. Under the guidance of Conscious Solutions, the club will continue providing high-quality support and resources to its members while exploring new avenues for growth and collaboration.

As part of the transition, Clare Fanner, who has been retained as part of the transfer, will work closely with Sophia Stancer the new LFMC Community Manager and the wider Conscious Solutions team to ensure a seamless handover and maintain the LFMC's core values.  Sophia says “I am looking forward to ensuring that the LFMC will continue to deliver high-quality webinars, research and maintain an ethos of collaboration and development of a strong, supportive legal marketing community”. 

There are exciting plans for the development of the proposition which will become clearer in the coming months.

About the Law Firm Marketing Club

The Law Firm Marketing Club (LFMC) is a community-focused organisation that provides resources, support, and networking opportunities for in-house law firm marketers. Established in 2020 by legal marketing expert Clare Fanner, the LFMC aims to create a safe and collaborative space for law firm marketers to learn, share, and grow. For more information, visit

About Conscious Solutions

Conscious Solutions is a leading digital marketing agency specialising in helping law firms succeed online. With a range of services, including website design, search engine optimisation, and social media management, Conscious Solutions is committed to providing tailored solutions that drive results for law firms of all sizes. For more information, visit