Click to message a law firm - new Google AdWords feature goes live!

Click to message a law firm - new Google AdWords feature goes live!

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Texting or sending a message via SMS to a friend, colleague or family member is something that we all take for granted these days. Many people favour this over a phone call or email as it’s fast and gets your message across cutting out the small talk, albeit a bit impersonal sometimes.

It came as no surprise then, when Google recently announced they would be launching a “text message” AdWords extension to the growing number of options available to advertisers.  How could this impact PPC for Law firms in the UK?

Google Adwords Click to Message Extension

Customers can now text message to contact you

This clever new feature enables users who are searching on Google for businesses and services like yours, to “click to message” you from their mobile phone as opposed to visiting your website and filling out a form or calling you. Users who click on the text icon in an advert, will launch their SMS application on their phones and allow them to send a quick message to the business. It also gives advertisers the option of engaging and connecting with their customers in an entirely new way.

By offering this method of being contacted in your PPC adverts, you not just appeal to a wider range of users. You will (here comes the AdWords lingo) increase the CTR of ads, which will increase Quality Score, lower your CPC , increase visibility and most importantly increase conversions, so you will see a better ROI ! Happy days!

  • CTR: 'Click Through Rate'
  • Quality Score: An estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages (user experience and relevance)
  • CPC: 'Cost per Click'
  • ROI: 'All day long'
Adwords Click To Message Extension

Call Me Back

At Conscious we think this new feature would work really well for law firm’s, especially for those who already offer website features such as:

  • “Call me back” or
  • “Ask a Question”

By offering one of the above in your adverts, you will be opening a new door to being contacted and starting new relationships with prospective clients.

We think many users would enjoy the quick option of texting over another method of communication.

There are a number of options available to us and can be customised as per the law firm’s request.

New Adwords Message Feature

How does a law firm start using this great new AdWords feature?

If you are currently running a Google Adwords campaign you can take advantage of this new feature straight away. You just need two things to get started:

  1. A website that is mobile friendly. What do you mean yours is not? You need to read our blog post on Google adopting a ‘mobile first’ approach to its index.
  2. A phone number that accepts text messages and is monitored regularly. This doesn’t have to be a mobile. More information on this can be found here.

Ready to get started? Simply contact your Conscious account manager with the phone number you want to use and message you want to promote and we’ll do the rest.

More exciting new AdWords features coming soon!

New advertising options don’t just stop here either. Google are shaking things up in PPC - fact. We’ve seen a load of different options law firms can utilise to differentiate themselves from competitors in recent months. Here’s just a few variations for how you can now stand out in Google AdWords:

As a certified trusted Google Partner we are often invited to review and test out new Google AdWords features. I can’t give away too much as I had to sign a confidentiality agreement with Google, however watch this space and we’ll keep you updated with the latest new features your Legal company can take advantage of. You can then get the edge on your competitors and get more customers through paid advertising.