Christmas Marketing for Law Firms

Christmas Marketing for Law Firms

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Christmas is coming, and with it comes a sack full of seasonal marketing. 

Every year, you'll notice some households going Christmas crazy: Santa in the chimney, a 'Happy Xmas' sign flashing 'til the early hours and a great big beast of a tree coated in lights of every colour. You might shake your head or it might make you smile - either way, it catches your attention. 

It's time to see your website like it were your own home. Whether you say 'ho ho ho' or 'no no no' when December 25th draws ever closer; you have to admit, Christmas has a lot of potential when it comes to marketing. It's a time to tap into that festive joy many of us spend the winter months getting into, it's what makes the season special. So why not use this to your advantage? 

There are many things you can be doing: from sticking a Christmas countdown on your site to sending your clients some personalised gifts to help them keep you in mind, the season is what you make of it. 

We've put together a list of ideas to help you out with your festive marketing and website optimisation: from past examples to fresh thoughts.

If you see anything you like or come up with your own ideas, get in touch and we'll find a way to bring them to life. 

Download our Christmas Marketing Products document.