2020 Advent Calendar Marketing Campaign

2020 Advent Calendar Marketing Campaign

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We’re officially six years into our successful advent calendar marketing campaign. It is a win-win for everyone. Our prize sponsors and us get exposure, and 24 lucky legal sector employees or suppliers win a free gift. Well, 23 this year, as someone won twice. I know right, talk about luck!

You may think that finding partners to donate the prizes would be a difficult task, especially in the current COVID-19 climate. But have no doubt, 24 days filled up pretty quickly. After seeing the success of our campaign over the years, we have many friends of the business who know that donating a prize is well worth doing.

We had £2,250 worth of prizes. This advent calendar’s prizes were all things you must be able to touch, drink, eat it or play with it. The gifts ranged from a virtual escape room experience, a magnum of champagne to tech for the home office (I know, very COVID-19 friendly).

How It Works

The structure is simple, one prize a day, with each prize being announced on the morning it can be won. Website visitors then had until midnight to enter the prize draw. 

Each day on average we emailed 1,766 contacts and on Conscious prize days, as many as 3,196 contacts. With the option to unsubscribe, people could opt-out of our emails, we only had an average of five people per day who unsubscribed. Leaving us with a list of 1,647 by the last day of our Advent Calendar.            

We also promoted our competition on our company social media pages, with 1,302 followers on LinkedIn and 2,831 on Twitter, this made our social audience 4,133. Not only this, but our prize sponsors advertised their prize days on their social accounts, along with our winners who celebrated their luck. Across the whole campaign, the advent calendar landing page displaying our sponsors’ logos was viewed 10,039 times, unique views were 5,482.

An example one of the great prizes donated was won by Gaby from Crane & Staples. Her prize was a £250 donation to a charity of her choice. (I must admit, this was my favourite prize to promote). Her chosen charity then took to Twitter to thank the prize donor (The Tim Collins Consultancy) as well as Gaby for choosing their organisation.

The Statistics Say it All




Tue 1-Dec

A Moleskine Smart Writing Notebook and Pen from Quill.


Wed 2-Dec

A bottle of Veuve Clicquot and a bottle of Aperol from Taskers.


Thu 3-Dec

Who Gives A Crap’ Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper, donated by the Law Firm Marketing Club.


Fri 4-Dec

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker from Jayva.


Sat 5-Dec

A Bottle of 007 Bollinger Champagne and a Chocolate Hamper from Concert Networks.


Sun 6-Dec

A Mixed Case of Naked Wine from Document Direct.


Mon 7-Dec

A Virginia Hayward Christmas Hamper from The Law Superstore.


Tue 8-Dec

A Magnum of Bollinger Champagne from Howden.


Wed 9-Dec

A Fortnum and Masons 'Christmas Treat Hamper' from The Link App.


Thu 10-Dec

A Case of Naked Wines from Legal RSS.


Fri 11-Dec

A Magnum of Cotswold Gin. An orange dog. An orange chocolate hamper and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot from Conscious Solutions.


Sat 12-Dec

A Fortnum & Mason gift basket from Teal Compliance.


Sun 13-Dec

A virtual escape room for 6 people from Arken Legal.


Mon 14-Dec

A £250 Donation to a Charity of your choice from The Tim Collins Consultancy.


Tue 15-Dec

A Gin Cocktail Bundle from Cashroom.


Wed 16-Dec

A Lego Hogwarts Express from Stribe HQ.


Thu 17-Dec

A bottle of Cotswold Dry Gin and a bottle of Cotswold Wildflower Gin from Symphony Legal.


Fri 18-Dec

48 Double Length Rolls of ‘Who Gives A Crap’ Premium Bamboo Toilet Paper from the Law Firm Marketing Club.


Sat 19-Dec

A copy of The Corona Diary and a copy of the next version of the Corona Diary which will chronicle the second half of 2020, from Conscious Solutions.


Sun 20-Dec

A Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky with a gift box from Bidwell Henderson.


Mon 21-Dec

A Bottle of The Balvenie Triple Cask 12-year Scotch from Insight6.


Tue 22-Dec

A £60 sweet hamper and a pack of Rennies from PracticeEvolve.


Wed 23-Dec

An Amazon Echo Show 5 from InCase.


Thu 24-Dec

A bottle of Veuve Cliquot and a Bose® SoundLink® Bluetooth speaker with a built-in speakerphone in the colour of your choice from Conscious Solutions.


So, 4,582 people entering in total.

To say our bubbly, distilled, or brewed prizes were the most popular would be stating the obvious (and oh yes, this is a yearly occurrence). But the variety of different prizes is also always much appreciated by our audience, with prizes such as the aforementioned £250 charity donation gaining 191 entrants, and a LEGO Hogwarts Express gaining 232 entries.

It seems our advent calendar campaign is resilient even in the most difficult of times, we can’t wait to do it all again this 2021. Have you ever thought about doing an advent calendar, if so, why not get in touch later in the year to see how we can help you get into the festive season?

Our 2020 Advent Calendar Summarised in Numbers

  • 24 days
  • 24 daily email send-outs
  • 48 tweets
  • 24 LinkedIn posts
  • 20 prize sponsors
  • 23 prize winners (one person won twice!)
  • 21.6% average email open rate
  • 9.1% average click-through rate
  • 5 unsubscribes on average per day
  • 119 unsubscribes in the month
  • 10,039 views of our landing page
  • 5,482 unique views of our landing page
  • 4,582 entries in total
  • 3,196 recipients
  • £2,250 worth of prizes given away to all of our lucky Christmas winners