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How Sky AdSmart could benefit your firm

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You may think that the internet has taken over the advertising world – but you’d be wrong. TV is still the most prominent medium when it comes to video advertising; Sky have found that the average person spends 3.5 hours a day on average watching TV, and in 2015 it was found that TV accounts for 94% of all video advertising time.

So, put simply: It’s still as relevant as ever to have a TV advert for your firm. These adverts need to be targeted, and ideally pay per watch. This is what Sky AdSmart can offer; it breaks down audiences so you can choose which best fits your client persona. These are the specific categories:

  1. Experian Mosaic Lifestyle (City Prosperity, Country Living, etc)
  2. Experian Financial Strategy (Accumulated Wealth, Platinum Pensions, etc)
  3. Affluence
  4. Senior Decision Makers
  5. Location Options
  6. Lifestyle related attributes
  7. Composition of Household attributes
  8. Attributes relating to the house

This is helpful for all size firms, but proves really useful for smaller, regional firms who require a more targeted audience. AdSmart also ensures that you only pay per actual watch of your advert – so if someone is watching on catch up and forwards through the adverts, you won’t be charged. This helps to level out the playing field, so any size firm can get screen time on any Sky channel.

Some of our clients have created some truly brilliant adverts that have been aired on Sky channels using AdSmart. A prime example is this advert from Eric Robinson, which did extremely well!

Eric Robinson Advert

Still unsure if it’s for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you want to use a more effective advertising method to grow your business?
  2. Do you want to reach a specific audience?
  3. Do you want to target a specific region, city or postcode?
  4. Perhaps you need to create more brand awareness?
  5. Do you feel like you need to stand out more against competitors?
  6. And, do you want to pay per watch?

If you answered yes to these, then we recommend giving AdSmart a go for your firm. Perhaps 2017 is the year to give it a shot? But please note, the minimum ad spend is £3,000 per month.