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What makes Outstanding Content Curation?

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As you may know, we’re fans of content curation here at Conscious. Just take a look at our Passle page. Finding content that we think our audience will find useful and adding our own spin on it is not only super useful – but also a quick and efficient way of sharing our knowledge!

This is why your firm should consider doing it if you don’t already. It’s a great way to show off your legal knowledge so you can build trusted relationships with your clients.

But you can’t share any old thing with limited commentary. Here’s how to make your curated content kick-ass.

1. Make it personal.

Explain why your reader needs this information – how does it relate to their needs and interests? This creates a bond and element of trust immediately. A link accompanied by a couple of words is not going to cut it.

2. Build Value.

People are busy, they don’t have time to read reams of information – but they still want to stay informed, right? This is where your content curation really comes into play; you need to create value in a short, snappy and efficient way. This will make your content easily digestible and share-able.

3. Be the brand people want to stick to.

Make your content reflect your brand. Your audience don’t want to be sold to continuously – they know what your firm do, and they know you do it well. But if you offer excellent content that’s in keeping to your brand, well, that’s valuable beyond words, and will keep your clients loyal to your firm’s brand.

4. Use Passle

We love it, and I think you’ll love it too. It’s quick and easy to use – simply add the Passle button to your Chrome browser, highlight the text you like from an article you’ve found, and add your own commentary to attract your readers. For an example of a firm doing it right, check out Tilly Bailey and Irvine’s Passle. Lovely Jubbly.