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Make Unforgettable Legal Content For Social Media

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Is your law firm’s blog content feeling a bit stale? You may be tempted to throw it out – but don’t! There’s still life in the old dog yet, you just need to repurpose it into a fresh and interesting format.

So whether it’s a funky infographic or a short video, you can engage with your audience time and time again – and for free as well! I’ve collated a list of some great free tools you can use to achieve this.


A lot of legal matters can be challenging to understand, so presentations allow you to relay information in a clear structure for your audience. Be gone endless blog posts and hello short, snappy slides!


Back in 2012, Slideshare joined the LinkedIn family and has since upheld a reputation for showcasing quality, professional content. It’s likely that you’ll find your desired audience here; over 80% of Slideshare’s 70 million visitors come through a targeted search, which can really help develop your firm’s identity and reach.

All you have to do is upload a presentation on your subject to Slideshare, first ensuring that it’s eye-catching and on-brand, then share on your website and social media networks.



A similar concept to Slideshare, Slideboom allows you to upload your Powerpoint presentations straight away, embed them into your blog posts and website, then share and discuss with your audience. Simple, straightforward, impactful.



If you’re bored of traditional PowerPoint presentations, then get creative with Prezi! This tool allows you to create more interesting visuals, stories and there’s more room for interaction – overall, you’re creating a much more engaging experience in your presentation.



Video has proved to be the most popular medium out there – and why? People love story telling. By 2017, 69% of internet traffic will be from video content, so it’s worth while getting on the trend now rather than later! Here’s how you can make fun and engaging videos…


People love a good animated video! With Powtoon you can create free, 5 minute videos with royalty free music. You can achieve more with the paid version, but the free option allows you to work out whether it’s for you. Ultimately, it can enhance your law firm’s brand and make certain challenging subjects more engaging. Give it a whirl.



This simple, yet effective tool gives you the freedom to make video content in minutes. Choose your template, drag and drop images, add a little animation to them, adjust the background to fit with your brand and share! It’s that simple. The free version works really well, but like anything, if you want more freedom then the paid option is the way to go!


Images circulate on social media like crazy. Researchers have found that people are 80% more likely to read a piece of content if it’s formatted amongst some colourful visuals. So do you have an old blog piece about the conveyancing process or women’s rights in the workplace? Chop the content down into a few simple points and pop them into a colourful infographic. Here’s what you can use to achieve it…


This tool offers you a wide range of infographic templates so you can add statistics and images with ease to create something eye-catching and shareable. The free version is pretty good – but you might want more of a choice of templates, so if you like it, perhaps pay that bit extra.


An extremely versatile tool, you can create posters and images with text over the top as well as infographics. You have the choice to download your creation as a high res image or a PDF file. A lot can be achieved with the free version, with a wide selection of free templates and images to choose from. You have the option to buy certain images and templates as you go if needs be.



These tools are accessible, free and can really boost awareness for your brand – there are no excuses now! Get going and create exciting new content that your audience really want to see!