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Innovation in law / Listening to your clients

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"Innovation" is a term that gets thrown around a lot when it comes to digital marketing. I had the pleasure of going to a PM Forum talk at Osborne Clarke's offices last week to listen to one of their partners Dan Wright and how they have grasped innovation.

Now you maybe thinking: "OC is a huge law firm, they have buckets of cash, so can afford to be innovative!"

But it was more around how the firm approached this area. Instead of creating services or areas for their clients, they listened! They spoke with their clients on what they wanted, what they think a law firm should have or what services were missing. From here OC were able to create their services for their clients, while not alienating anyone in the process. But most importantly not wasting valuable hours/days/weeks (fee earning) coming up with some crazy service or whacky idea their clients "might" like.

Once this was achieved they were then able to replicate this brilliant methodology across multiple service areas. Guess what? Their services grew, along with their revenue.

In a nutshell; asking your clients what they want, rather what you think they want saves time and money. But most importantly you have given a client what they asked for. Isn't that what all clients strive for?

Put it this way:

When was the last time you wanted an apple and the shop gave you a banana?

Thanks to Dan Wright and Osborne Clarke for an informative afternoon - and, I must say, what a view from their offices!