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Conscious Merge with Law League

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The ink has set and the paperwork has been sorted....we've merged!!!

Its been a very busy summer so far for the team at Conscious, even more so with our exciting merger with Law League. For those of you who don't know what Law League is or how it works, here is a quick overview: 

  • Data based on over 600,000 staff and client answered questions
  • Over 80 firms of 3+ partners are using Law League today
  • SRA, Lexcel and CQS compliant, with the added bonus of helping you around the Diversity Data Survey
  • The ability to see into how your firm is actually performing in the legal market today - no one else offers this!
  • Who are your super teams, superstars and who requires additional training? Do you really know?
  • What are your firms strengths and where do you need to make improvements?
  • What do your clients REALLY think about you?
  • Get your clients to tell you exactly what services they need. Cross selling without selling!
  • Testimonials created and ready to use - your marketing managers will love you!
  • Simple and easy to use dashboards accessed anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Real time data, no delay in finding out how your firm is performing right now!
  • Summary report created in under 30 seconds, perfect for those last minute partner meetings.

Now we know a lot of firms carry out some form of "survey" with their final bill, but what is the point if this isn't benchmarked ? Understanding how your firm performs in this ever competitive changing market is crucial. Not only that but you will also know if your staff are happy or require additional training. I speak to a lot of firms, they all say how they are worried about other firms poaching their staff. With Law League you will be able to show prospective employees, you are the firm to work for, and why.

We are very excited about this and we hope you are as well, want to know more or have a quick look at Law League. Just call or email me rich@conscious.co.uk / 0117 325 0521.