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Katie Blake
Account Manager

After two years of implementing Conscious’ internal marketing, I have now moved into an Account Manager role being our clients’ point of contact for any queries regarding their firm's marketing performance and strategy.  

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      • Account Manager
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      • 0117 325 9234
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      • Royal London Buildings
      • 42-46 Baldwin Street
      • Bristol
      • BS1 1PN
      • 0117 325 0200
      • 0117 981 1297

I love spending time with our clients offering support and assistance to help them achieve their marketing goals.

This can be anything to do with their online presence, from their website to their social media platforms.

Before joining Conscious I spent two and half years working in-house doing marketing for Heart Radio and before you ask it’s not as glam as you think but I did meet a few celebs along the way.

When I’m not helping clients, you will find me throwing weights around at CrossFit or planning my next adventure around the world.

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