Lead Generation for Law Firms

Getting the most from your website

These days generating more leads to your website isn't just about using one or two techniques. The place you need to start, is looking at your business and knowing which areas of law you want to generate work for; and then researching to find out which methods work best and which strategies work best for your budget.

To create an effective online marketing strategy, you would need to use a blend of the following products/services:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - generating leads through organic search engine searches.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) - specifically targeting paid for ad campaigns.

Re-marketing - paid for click advertising to previous visitors to your website.

Newsletters/Email Marketing - informational content to previous/prospective clients direct to their inbox.

Legal Content - providing valuable content for your clients to engage with.

CANDDi - know that your customers are using your website, convert new business and never miss a hot lead.

Ruler Analytics Call Tracking - find out which strategies are generating your incoming calls.

Blogs & Social Media - what, when and how? Let us take the strain.

SugarCRM - know who said what, to whom and when and track your marketing campaigns properly

If you want us to help you take the strain and plan the best marketing strategy for you, contact us.