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Law League

Want to get some real insight into what both your clients and staff think of your organisation?

We’ve joined forces with Law League to help you do just that. Law League have developed client and staff feedback surveys which identify the true strengths and weaknesses of your firm whilst benchmarking your performance against others.

10 Reasons why your firm needs Law League:

  1. The only legal centric survey in the market.
  2. Over 100 firms of 3+ partners are using Law League today.
  3. With over 600,000 client and staff responses, you can now understand how your firm is actually performing in the market today
  4. Who are your superstars and who requires additional training?
  5. What are your firm’s strengths and where do you need to make improvements?
  6. How do your clients REALLY see you?
  7. Get your clients to tell you exactly what services they need - cross selling without selling!
  8. Testimonials created and ready to use.
  9. Simple and easy to use dashboards accessed anywhere with a summary of everything for those last minute partner’s meetings.
  10. Real time data, no delay in finding out how your firm is performing right now.

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Law League & Compliance

Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme
The Law Society’s CQS requires evidence of customer service. Our surveys support compliance with the procedural client care requirements in CQS.

Law Society’s Lexcel
Lexcel requires firms to ‘monitor client satisfaction across all areas of the practice’. (“Practice Management Standard” 7.6). Our surveys are designed to do exactly this and, additionally, to explicitly monitor areas you have committed to including:

SRA’s Outcome Focused Regulation
The SRA requires evidence that firms are following ten mandatory principles.
Five are easily evidenced such as showing that you ‘protect your client money and assets’.
But the other five are subjective. Our compliance expert, Tracey Calvert, co-wrote the SRA’s Handbook and has developed questions to elicit information regarding both performance and compliance.
By using a Law League client feedback survey your firm will be able to demonstrate evidenced outcomes for principles 2, 4, 5, 6 and 9.


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All pricing is plus VAT at the standard rate of 20%

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