Law Firm Marketing Club

Law Firm Marketing Club Partnership

Do you want access to law firm marketing resources, knowledge and expertise all in one place? 

If so, then this is why we have partnered with the Law Firm Marketing Club. A brand new legal marketing club that provides support to law firms large and small, by making resources, experts, research, training and helpful ‘hacks’ easily accessible in a practical and affordable way.

What is the Law Firm Marketing Club?

The Law Firm Marketing Club has a simple vision. To provide law firms with the tools and insights to help them look after their clients and get more business, whilst saving money and time and improving their skills and know-how.

The club has an ever-growing catalogue of resources, events and knowledge which is made available to all of its members. Content is updated each month and supported and created by industry experts, such as us!

Why are we a trusted partner?

We are delighted to be a trusted partner of the Law Firm Marketing Club and fully support the added value to its members. We understand law firms today need to maintain their existing client base and generate new business. But how do you do that with less people, less budget and perhaps a missing skill set?

The key is to work smarter with your marketing budget and invest more into your inbound marketing by targeting your audience through any number of digital marketing activities, such as improving the user experience on your website, content writing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing and more!

As a partner selected ‘by invitation only’ we are committed to providing you with monthly articles that supports your role and provides you with information that can help you work smarter. We will contribute to webinars and round-table discussions that provide you with hints, tips and knowledge to take away with you and implement in your law firm.

7 reasons why you should join the Law Firm Marketing Club:

1. Identify more business opportunities to generate more fees

2. Increase profitability

3. Increase your profile

4. Save you time and money

5. Improve your marketing and business development ROI

6. Focus you on ‘doing’ the right activities

7. Increase your in-house know-how, skills and confidence.

What resources are available?

The resources available can help you do better marketing, save money, become more efficient, or simply enable you to do things quicker and with less cost:

  • Hints and tips – tools available to you for video editing, creating social media images, survey software, plus links to research and data that will inform and guide you
  • Downloadable resources - guides, checklists, templates and much more!
  • Research - unique research and law firm benchmarking insights
  • Blogs and articles - contributions and insights from 7 trusted partners
  • Extensive programme of events
  • Other services – Campaign packs, workshops and lead generation tools

How much is membership?

Subscriber option – provides access to some resources and events for no cost.

Annual member package £1,500 a year

  • Twice yearly participation in collaboration groups.
  • Quarterly strategic consultancy with Clare Fanner, the founder.
  • One delegate place at the annual conference.
  • One marketing campaign and messaging pack with a topic of choice (from a pre-given list) for your content.

For a more in-depth description of the membership packages available and further details, please visit the Law Firm Marketing Club website.