Deep Dive Training

Deep Dive Training

On top of the ongoing phone training you receive and our free Client Induction Training we are now offering free “Deep Dive” training sessions at Conscious HQ. If you do not have ANY previous experience of PPC or SEO, then this training is only beneficial after attending our Client Induction Training. This Deep Dive session and will give you a deeper understanding of certain topics over three sessions in the day. You can either attend all three or pick and choose what suits your needs.

"The day out of the office was 100% worth it due to the notebook full of ideas I came away with - I'd recommend the Conscious training day to anyone who wants to know more about what they can do to make their website more effective" - Mikyla Wollaston, Glanvilles

"Alice and I wanted to thank you and the team for yesterday’s excellent training session.  It was indeed a very deep dive into SEO and PPC.  Expert presenters and needless to say, our ‘to do’ list is now quite a bit longer." - Gemma January, Novum Law

Our 'Deep Dive' Training has now finished, but this is what the sessions usually looks like: 

Deep Dive Training: Marketing Strategy, ROI and branding

09.30-10.00Welcome Coffee
and Pastries
10.00-11.45Marketing Strategy & ROI

Are there 4Ps or 5Ps in a law firm’s marketing mix? Do you have a clear marketing strategy that supports the overall business plan for your law firm?  How are you tracking the return on investment from your marketing spend?  David Gilroy, Managing Director will explore these topics and more.

12.00-13.30Marketing Budget Benchmark

Ever been curious about how other law firms prioritise their marketing spend? David will talk through if you are spending your marketing budget in the right areas.


We pride ourselves on getting branding just right. Learn from David how brand presence is vital for your law firm.  P.S. No mention of orange at all, nope, nowhere!

16.30-17.00Wrap Up 


Deep Dive Training: SEO and PPC



Welcome Coffee
and Pastries
10.00-12.00Local SEO

Let Chris Mundy, Search Marketing Manager introduce you to Local SEO focusing on:

  • Latest algorithm updates and effects on the legal industry
  • Key ranking factors: proximity, relevance, authority & expertise, user experience
  • Other ranking factors: GMB, citations, page signals, link signals, review signals,
    social signals, user behaviour
  • Applying SEO to your blog posts, service and contact pages
  • Free SEO tools and how to use them
13.00-14.30National SEO

Get to grips with National SEO with Jamie Stevens, Search Marketing Manager focusing on:

  • Writing good content for SEO
  • How to use and set up goals in Google Analytics
  • How to use Google Search Console

During this session Colin Harrison, Paid Search Manager will cover how to measure
your ROAS and the metrics you should be monitoring that will give you insights to
help grow your law firm online.


Deep Dive Training: Social Media and Email Marketing



Coffee and Pastries 


A 30-second introduction to Conscious, meeting the team and letting us know what you want to learn today.


Social Media

Being a social media master doesn’t happen overnight. Let Laura guide you through the world of social media focusing on:

  •  Auditing your social media channels
  • Building your following on social media
  • Creating a content calendar for social media

Coffee Break



Social Media

Exploring all of the social media channels you can use for your marketing as well as the different types of social media tools you can use.



Email Marketing  

Let David Gilroy tell you how email marketing and newsletters are an extremely vital and powerful components to have in your marketing mix. Make sure you get up to scratch and stay in front of mind with your clients.
15.00-15.15Coffee Break 

All Presenters – Q&A/Workshop

This session will be 100% interactive and will give all participants a chance for further learning and to discuss their challenges and success’ with social media so far.

Wrap up

Overview of the day and feedback


If you’re interested in hearing about upcoming Deep Dive Training, contact Maddie on