Capturing better data for your firm's website enquiries

Capturing better data for your firm's website enquiries

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One of the primary jobs here at Conscious is to drive more online enquires to firms’ sites via our Search Marketing team.

Most commonly, clients tend to measure initial success of a Search Marketing project by an improvement in search engine rankings against certain keywords.  Rankings certainly work as a KPI but there are many other factors to consider such as :-

  • website traffic increases
  • an increase in session times
  • bounce rate
  • page views

Google Analytics is a must for any law firm’s site, where everything is 100% measurable.  Set up Goal Tracking and we can then measure how many enquiry forms have been submitted by tracking a specific URL.

From my experience at Conscious so far, law firms haven’t been taking full advantage of call tracking software.  Call tracking software enables what medium each and every phone call came through.  So you’re able to measure how many calls came to from visitors directly on your site, how many from the organic listings (SEO) and how many from paid search (PPC) so you and your law firm are able to measure exactly what marketing activity brought in the phone calls.

How is this internet voodoo possible!?  A piece of software tracks every visitor to your law firm’s website and how he or she landed on your site.  A clever bit of code will recognise the visitors route e.g.  directly or via PPC to your firm’s website then display unique number for each given medium.

Some providers such as Response Tap and Infinity Tracking will report to a keyword level of granularity, vital for measuring the success of any Search Marketing campaign.

So – one number for organic (SEO), another number for paid traffic (PPC) and another for direct visitors.  It doesn’t stop there though.  Engaged in an email marketing campaign?  Why not have a unique number to track the success of the campaign?

The same applies for any offline mediums – local magazines, newspapers, flyers, posters etc. 

Data driven marketing is great thing about investing in online marketing.  Every law firm is able to track almost anything that happens on their site, even down to the name of the person via software such as Canddi

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