The importance of having a relevant network on LinkedIn for Law Firm Employees

The importance of having a relevant network on LinkedIn for Law Firm Employees

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This week, I was asked: “Should I accept requests on LinkedIn from anyone?”

The answer, of course, depends entirely on your objectives. A better question might have been: “Will accepting this person’s request on LinkedIn and having this person in my network help me to achieve my goals?”

If your goal is to use LinkedIn for pleasure and post content for enjoyment’s sake – go for it - accept anyone. On the other hand, if you’re using LinkedIn to create a personal brand that serves your career, influence people, inspire decision-making, or network with like-minded professionals, you might want to tread more carefully. 

I’ve worked in social media for several years in various capacities, often being placed ‘in charge’ of a company's LinkedIn page. This accelerated during my tenure as Social Media Manager at Conscious in which I drove strategy for multiple law firm clients, growing their following and building consistent engagement.

However, like many other social media managers, I neglected my personal LinkedIn profile. Sure, it featured my experience and had a recent-ish photo, but there was no value-add.

Despite having a lot to say, I never posted. It wasn’t until meeting and working at Conscious and delivering personal branding training, that I realised I ought to start investing time into my own LinkedIn presence to add some credibility to my work.

Fortunately, having spoken on this subject many times, observed the behaviour of others killing it on the platform, and studied the ever-changing algorithm, I knew what needed to be done. I’m now nine months into my LinkedIn ‘posting journey’ sharing content 3-5 times per week, engaging with others, and connecting with those I’ve worked with or met at events.

I’ve subsequently built a modest, but relevant, following of over 1,000 legal professionals and marketers with whom I frequently engage.

What are the benefits of having a relevant network on LinkedIn?

Stay ‘in-the-know’!

When your network is closely aligned with your legal profession and specific job role, you gain access to invaluable insights, trends, and updates that are tailored to the legal sector.

Your connections within the legal community are more inclined to share pertinent articles, case studies, and in-depth discussions. This enriches your comprehension of ongoing industry developments, allowing you to stay well-informed.

Learn from others

A relevant network provides access to professionals who excel in your domain. Interacting with them can be a source of informal learning, where you can pick up tips, tricks, and best practices that may not be readily available elsewhere. Social media provides the opportunity to easily stay up-to-date with the latest news, trends, and upcoming events.

Grow your career

Your LinkedIn network can serve as a catalyst for career advancement. Staying connected with colleagues, industry peers, and influencers can lead to job referrals, potential collaborations, and exposure to opportunities that are tailor-made for your skill set and aspirations.

Thought leadership

Surrounding yourself with professionals in your field enhances your visibility within your industry. Sharing your thoughts and engaging in relevant conversations can position you as a thought leader and build your personal brand in a meaningful way.


Relevant connections can lead to collaborations that are directly aligned with your profession and role. Whether it's finding potential collaborators for projects or forming partnerships, your network can help you identify like-minded individuals who share your goals.


When you face challenges or have questions related to your profession, having a network that understands your domain can be invaluable. Within reason, you can seek advice, opinions, and solutions from people who have encountered similar situations. I often use LinkedIn polling to obtain options from legal marketers on what they want to hear about!


Having connections who are relevant to your profession and job role adds credibility to your profile. It demonstrates that you're genuinely engaged in your industry and committed to staying informed.

You also have the chance to build trust through the content you share which in turn will allow you to expand your network.

A tailored feed

A relevant network means that the content shared in your feed is more likely to be aligned with your interests and needs. This creates a more personalised experience and ensures that your engagement on the platform remains meaningful.

But how can you build a relevant network?

Our Managing Director, David Gilroy, who has over 9,000 connections on LinkedIn, provides the following advice:

“Make building your network a 'daily habit'.  Go through your phone. Who did you speak to today?  Look at your inbox and sent folder. Who did you receive/send emails with today?  “Then go and connect with those people. And, be shameless, copy and paste the same connection invitation text (they will never know, unless they read this blog post!).”

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