5 Social Media Post Ideas for Law Firms

5 Social Media Post Ideas for Law Firms

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5 Social Media Post Ideas for Law Firms

Have you recently been tasked with managing your law firm’s social media platforms?

We appreciate that with solicitors’ caseloads, paperwork, client meetings and the other hundred things spread across their ever-growing to-do list, social media ‘might’ not feature as a top priority for them. However, in a rapid-paced digital world, it’s important to remind the team that you’ll find your firm will quickly be left behind online if consistency on social media isn’t maintained each week.

Fortunately, we’ve been helping law firms out with all things social media for quite some time and have a range of ideas up our sleeve that might help if you’re ever stuck and uninspired on a rainy day that require minimal input from the solicitors at your firm.

Below are five social media post themes which will ensure a well-rounded social media presence and your firm to build its own unique brand.

Meet your legal team

No-one wants to engage with a faceless organisation. A weekly ‘meet the team’ post helps to inject some personality into your profile and allows potential clients get to the point of knowing, liking and trusting you. Over a period of time, these posts will also showcase the wide-ranging skills and areas of expertise of those working at your law firm.

It’s also perfectly acceptable to celebrate team ‘wins’ on social, such as promotions, new hires, accreditations and so on.

Always accompany posts with photographs, especially on LinkedIn, as the current algorithm seems to be favouring images that feature people versus ones that don’t. Find out more about how your LinkedIn posts can win with the current algorithm.

Celebrate your local community

Embedding your firm within its local community acts as a great local marketing tool. Does your firm sponsor any local sports teams or support any local charities that are doing great work in your postcode that you can tag in your caption and image to spread the word?

For many law firms, those looking for your services will live nearby. Acting as a friendly neighbour online towards popular or recognisable local initiatives or businesses is a great way to maximise the organic reach of your posts and will help your firm to build its roots as a ‘friendly neighbour’ in the community.

Be sure to use local hashtags on these posts. You can find these by doing a simple Google search or looking within the native social media platforms.

Share links to useful resources on your website

Your website should feature repeatedly on your social media channels. It is, after all, the main hub online for information about your law firm and states what makes you stand out from competitor firms. It might be time for a website refresh if you don’t think your website is standing out from competitor firms and showing off your values.

Blogs, firm news, services pages and your ‘about us’ page can all be signposted to within social posts. Be sure to think of an enticing caption and make use of local hashtags and good-quality images to reel prospective clients in.

Top tip: Remember, it’s better to answer questions before they’re asked than simply broadcasting information.

By posing a question at the start of your post, you’re more likely to resonate with someone than by just sharing the link.

For example, rather than writing ‘Read our new blog about prenups’, you’re better off writing: ‘Do you have questions about prenups, how to get one and what that means for you and your partner? We’ve written a helpful blog answering the top 10 questions we’re commonly faced with. Read more…’

Join the conversation on awareness days

Awareness days are a great advocacy tool for themes that are important to your firm or the work you do. For example, if you’re a medical negligence solicitor, ‘Viral Meningitis Awareness Week’ or ‘Accident Awareness Week’ might be relevant to build content around and raise awareness on topics you’re knowledgeable about from a legal perspective.

It’s always a good idea to research upcoming awareness days or special holidays that might resonate with your firm and clients and create content on those subjects and join the virtual conversation. Inputting these on a shared content calendar will ensure you don’t forget and miss the opportunity.

Share case studies and testimonials

Client feedback, testimonials and evidence of your law firm’s wins and results make for great marketing material. It proves your firm can do what it says on the tin, while adding a second voice and perspective.

Creating client testimonial graphics on Canva using your branding (logo, fonts, and colours) will help testimonials to stand out.

Does your law firm need help with social media?

If you think you’d benefit from a helping hand with social media, we’d be delighted to support you on an ongoing basis, ad-hoc assistance as required, or provide helpful training to empower your team. 

Please call the team on 0117 325 0200 or email sales@conscious.co.uk for more information or queries regarding our social media service.