Google announce Enhanced Campaigns (PPC)

Google announce Enhanced Campaigns (PPC)

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Google recently announced their most radical Adwords update for years, turning the way adverts are targeted completely on its head. Say hello to Enhanced Campaigns.
As I'm sure you've already heard (probably from us!), mobile web browsing is the future - from 2014, mobile web browsing is expected to overtake desktop PCs - and this update appears to be Google's way of helping you stay on top of these developments.

Bid adjustments

Gone are the days of having separate campaigns for separate devices. Google now expects you to manage multi-device campaign’s using their new bid adjustment tool.
Bid adjustments range from -100% (switching mobile adverts off) to +300% (bidding four times the amount for mobile devices, effectively ruling our desktops).
For example, a personal injury solicitor would prefer his adverts to be targeted at people on the move so increases mobile bids by 100% (meaning an average £10 bid is increased to £20 for mobile devices). This increases the chances of capturing mobile users but still does not rule out desktop users.

Not just mobile

However the bid adjustments do not just apply to mobile users. You are now able to tailor your adverts to target specific locations and time frames.

 For example, if our PI solicitor decided to increase bids by:
- 100% to people using mobiles
- 100% to between the times of 10am-6pm; and
- 100% to within 20 miles of Bristol
you can see just how bespoke your campaigns can be.
Enhanced Campaigns are due to be rolled out to all accounts in June, although there is an option to upgrade immediately - and if you are serious about getting the most from your campaigns we would recommend you begin testing the new system asap.