What should your law firm be doing this festive season?

What should your law firm be doing this festive season?

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Today I did something that half my colleagues didn’t approve of. I dropped the C-bomb at work.


No, before you ask, it is absolutely not too early to start thinking about it in the marketing world. The essence of a successful marketing campaign lies in preparation, planning and proper execution and we’re here to help.

What is your law firm doing for its Christmas marketing this year?

With the festive season looming, your law firm has numerous opportunities to stay top-of-mind for clients. However, it's equally important to address some essential housekeeping tasks. Balancing festive engagement with practical operational considerations ensures your firm operates smoothly during this spirited time.

By navigating this balance, your law firm can captivate clients with seasonal charm while demonstrating a commitment to professional excellence.

Here's our festive checklist for UK law firms to make sure you’re covering all bases so you don’t end up on the shelf like an elf.

Website Checklist

  • Add topical content – It’s a great time of the year to add some topical content and answers to frequently asked questions to your service pages and blogs. You could use Google Search Console or ahrefs to find ideas, but something like “how to agree on Christmas contact arrangements if you’re divorced” could work for a family law firm. Make sure to signpost this content on social media, your homepage and more to ensure clients can find it quickly.
  • Make sure you add your festive opening hours – We’d recommend putting these on your homepage as a banner at the top of your website and you could change your “thank you” page on the website which users see when they submit a form, to say that you’ll reopen at XXX and will get back to them then (or if it’s urgent, contact your out of hours number).
  • Add some festive cheer - If clients are visiting your website over the festive period. This could be in the form of an enhanced logo or some branded falling snow on your website.

Social Media Checklist

  • Spread the holiday cheer with some heart warming content! Embrace the festive spirit as Christmas approaches—it's the perfect opportunity to highlight the communal essence of your company. Whether it's a quirky ugly Christmas jumper day or a meaningful engagement with a local food bank, capture these moments in vibrant photos and inspire others to join in the merriment.
  • Elevate your social media game by scheduling posts in advance.
  • Create some festive social media templates or banners – If you want to stick to your Instagram grid theme, a festive profile photo will mean you can add some festivities to your social media too. Alternatively, a Canva template can be used to create something festive where you can drop in a new image and change the text daily.  

PPC and SEO Checklist

  • Update your Google Business Profile (GBP) by adding your festive opening hours and other relevant client information.
  • When creating topical content, conduct thorough keyword research to enhance search engine visibility.
  • Consider pausing your PPC campaigns during the festive period to avoid unnecessary spending on inquiries that may go unanswered. With reduced activity, allocating your PPC budget strategically ensures optimal use of resources.

Other Marketing Checklist

  • Inject a touch of holiday spirit into your logo—ever considered a subtle addition like a Christmas hat?
  • Revise your email signatures to include your Christmas working hours, emergency contact information, and, of course, showcase that festive logo we just talked about.
  • Extend the warmth of the season by considering thoughtful gestures such as sending gifts to clients and suppliers, making donations to local charities, or actively participating in volunteer work for a local cause.
  • Opt for a more modern approach by crafting a festive newsletter. Share the highlights of your firm's achievements in 2023 and offer a sneak peek into what's on the horizon for 2024. Don't forget to include a friendly reminder about your reopening dates.
  • Embrace the holiday spirit further by engaging in local Christmas events. Explore the festivities happening in your vicinity. And hey, while you're at it, drop by our website and join our advent calendar festivities—there are fantastic prizes waiting for you from December 1 to 24.

Things to do in the New Year

Revert to your standard branding by making the necessary adjustments to banners, profile pictures, and logos.

Revitalise your online presence by reigniting your PPC campaigns. Being at the forefront of your client's minds can set the tone for a fruitful start to the new year, generating a stream of fresh inquiries.

Explore fresh content avenues by staying attuned to current trends. Identify topics that resonate with your firm and align with prevailing interests.

Don't miss out on leveraging our comprehensive checklist for the festive season—consider saving or printing a copy for your reference.

Should you require assistance with various aspects of your online presence, from website support to optimising blog content with SEO, managing PPC campaigns, and handling social media, feel free to reach out to us at 0117 325 0200 or via email at sales@conscious.co.uk.