What do your clients want most from your law firm and how can your website help?

What do your clients want most from your law firm and how can your website help?

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Trust is an incredibly powerful resource for any business. Trustworthiness is the basis for strong relationships and is crucial to success in business. Why? Well, businesses are built on relationships. All businesses no matter their size or the industry in which they work rely on relationships. This is no truer than when it comes to law firms and chambers. The importance of trust in the legal industry cannot be understated and this is one of the key things clients are looking for your firm to demonstrate when they land on your website.

But how can we help to build trust through a website?

  • Testimonials & reviews
  • Detailed factual content
  • Communicate effectively
  • Empathy
  • Client care standards

I’ll discuss the importance of these five components and how you can achieve these below.

Testimonials and reviews for law firms

The importance of online reviews is high for law firms. From a potential client’s perspective, reviews and testimonials heavily influence how much that potential client can trust your service and brand. Even one negative review can dissuade somebody from enquiring further.

Being able to show several positive reviews directly on your website through third parties is a very powerful tool. Google Reviews and ReviewSolicitors are able to provide slick widgets that appear on your homepage without disrupting the user experience. These reviews can show you have dealt with copious similar cases, and that you have succeeded in handling previous clients’ legal needs.

Getting feedback from your clients is the best way to understand how well you are delivering what they want and what your firm can do to improve. Your fee earners or marketing team could put campaigns in place to make it routine to reach out and contact clients. For those that have recently won a case, you could see if they will leave a 5-star public review, and if a client was not happy with your service you can try to solve the issue or simply show an understanding - it might put you in a position to avoid a negative review.

Detailed Factual Content

While reading through the copy on your website a potential client needs to be able to see you have an expanse of knowledge and experience on that area of law. For example, a potential client types into Google “divorce solicitors near me” this is going to be a very broad, top-of-the-funnel search. If you can provide information on their specific situation purely because you have an extensive family law service section this will help to show the client you know how to deal with their situation before even having the initial consultation, cementing in their mind that you are indeed an expert in this matter, and you will be able to solve their problem. You could anticipate their questions and answer these in blog posts, service pages and FAQ sections.

Communicate effectively

Communicating effectively with your clients means you foster greater trust in your abilities as a lawyer. This leads to improved client satisfaction and reduces the risk of complaints being made against you. A happy client is also a good source of repeat business and will likely give you good referrals. Keep it as easy as possible for the client to be able to contact you, downloaded vCards, private emails displayed on the “our people” section and also responding to enquiry forms in a timely manner will keep you in any client’s good book. Clients who are happy with how you keep them updated are less likely to feel the need to over-communicate. In any event, be responsive when they contact you!


Clients generally don’t ‘want’ a lawyer, they ‘need’ one! People don’t typically seek legal services because something good happened to them. Whether they have found themselves in legal trouble, are seriously injured from a car accident, or are going through a nasty divorce and fighting over contact with children, your client has had a potentially life-altering event happen to them that may negatively shape the rest of their lives. People who are facing hardships deserve a law firm that treats them as a person and not as a point on the datasheet.

Simply put, clients want you to show genuine empathy and understanding. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you how much your client values being shown empathy, validation, and understanding. By listening and coming up with solutions, you are already providing relief and creating a happy client.

Client care standards

The Law Society Lexcel Standard for legal practices recognises the importance of client care as part of running your firm. It sets out the kind of policies and procedures your law firm should have in place.

What it doesn't cover is attitude. The way you, and everyone else at your firm, approach client care is fundamental to delivering the service clients want.

Meeting the Lexcel Standard is a good starting point, but you can do more. The best law firms aim to provide outstanding care and exceed expectation – for each individual client. Let your website showcase your firm’s ability to do this. Make your ‘our people’ page personable, show images of your employees to create stronger relationships and ensure that what you think your firm’s values are, are actually your firm’s values.

Something missing from your website?

If you’re not sure whether your website is showcasing all these points, let’s have a chat. With over 18 years’ experience in the legal sector, we can collaboratively work to create a website that works for search engines and your potential clients. Give us a call on 0117 325 0200 or email us at sales@conscious.co.uk.