My first month as an apprentice at Conscious Solutions

My first month as an apprentice at Conscious Solutions

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Moving into a new workspace can be a very stressful and intimidating process. Thankfully, in my first month at Conscious I have met some friendly and interesting characters, that have honestly made moving into a new workspace as comfortable as possible.

The calm and relaxed atmosphere in the office makes it so that I prefer to come in and work in the office rather than work from home, however Conscious is definitely a place where work is a thing you do, not a place you go. I’m grateful to be working at Conscious. Working here definitely feels like the right place to start off my digital marketing career.

Originally from Birmingham, I left in search of digital marketing opportunities that could help me get my start in digital marketing and Conscious Solutions is most definitely the opportunity I had in mind.

Co-workers and Support


There are several people I work alongside who teach me the different services in digital marketing in which we specialise. Every week I will be mentored on subjects such as SEO, copywriting, social media and Google Analytics. I am able to learn at my own pace and I am heavily supported in the learning that I do. My co-workers always seem to be available and ready to answer any questions I have or go over anything I don’t understand. I am able to apply it in my everyday work and work projects. As a practical learner, this is my favourite part of the apprenticeship. 

Social Activities

At Conscious we have team lunches every month. I found the team lunch to be a great time to find common interests with the members of my team and learn some fun and interesting things about my other co-workers in the office.

During my first month, we had an event where we went out for drinks to celebrate the fifteen-year anniversary of two employees working at Conscious. It was a great chance to socialise with everyone. It was also great to the appreciation that Conscious has for its employees.     

The Conscious Culture

As an apprentice at Conscious, I’m able to work and learn at my own pace. I also have access to support from everyone here to help me with my learning. And with the things I learn I am always looking forward to actively contributing to conscious. Recently I had my first blog post approved and released.

My first day working at Conscious really set the tone for how things were going to be. When I came into the office, I was met with a laptop, monitor and other equipment prepared for me at my desk accompanied by a few gifts for me to take home, and a welcoming introduction to the company by my line manager which included going out for lunch as company tradition. I also sent an email to the whole company introducing myself and sharing my interests with everyone and finding some things had in common with people in the office.

During my first week, I started to get myself integrated in the Conscious team, involving myself in meetings and getting a better understanding of what we do and the clients we work with. I appreciate that I am able to share my own input and be part of the conversation whenever I feel like a have something to add.

By my second week onwards I had a schedule working with several co-workers involving different elements of digital marketing.

It has been amazing working at Conscious, from the support I receive from my co-workers to the amount opportunities there are to socialise with everyone beyond work. even though I’m still in the early stages of the job, I'm very happy with my job and the company.

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