I am passionate about helping law firms create a digital marketing strategy that in turn will help them generate more business and present themselves professionally in this ever changing and competitive environment.

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What does McDonalds and the UK legal industry have in common?

  • Posted

Earlier this week, I watched the documentary on around McDonalds and their business model. This blog is not about turning the legal industry into a “fast food style service” far from it. The key area I learned was over the years McDonalds has...

Legal Marketing Daily - Podcast

  • Posted

Were you at Legalex a few weeks ago? I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Jacek Stanistawski , a lawyer specialising in Legal Marketing based in Poland! Read the full article and listen to the podcast (apologies for...

Free Local SEO Audit for Law Firms

  • Posted

Please go ahead and fill in the form below, there is a second page after this and then your audit report is automatically prepared. Please feel free to email sales@conscious.co.uk with any feedback on the process, or if you'd like to discuss your...

Automated SEO v Human SEO

  • Posted

With developments in technology these days, we can almost become too reliant on it; from RSS feeds populating our websites, to chat bots answering questions for our website visitors. But what about when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?...

Property Workshops - What Customers Really Want

  • Posted

tmgroup will be continuing their series of Property Workshops this June, sharing brand new insights into “What Your Customers Really Want” across the South of England. In partnership with us and Shopper Anonymous, these free half-day...

Innovation in law / Listening to your clients

  • Posted

"Innovation" is a term that gets thrown around a lot when it comes to digital marketing. I had the pleasure of going to a PM Forum talk at Osborne Clarke's offices last week to listen to one of their partners Dan Wright and how they have...

Orange dog goes missing....again at LFS 2015

  • Posted

So, as conference season gets into full swing, so does kidnapping. Two of our beloved team were kidnapped at the LFS Conveyancing Awards 2015 . We have already received details of one of the dogs, who is shacked up with Heather Cameron Editor of ...

Periscope Broadcast: The Client Journey

  • Posted

Do you know your customer's journey? How do they really find you and is it as simply as them picking up the phone to call you? Our weekly Periscope session is back, so tune in and get involved! Details...

Conscious Merge with Law League

  • Posted

The ink has set and the paperwork has been sorted....we've merged!!! Its been a very busy summer so far for the team at Conscious, even more so with our exciting merger with Law League . For those of you who don't know what Law League is or...

Conscious Dogs go viral at the APIL 2015 Conference

  • Posted

The APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) 25 th Anniversary conference was very well attended. Over 60 exhibitors varying from insurance firms to Conscious. We of course had all the dogs there; Goliath got a lot of attention, and Nipper was carted...

ETSOS & Conscious - Joined Forces

  • Posted

This is my first blog on the new site, I know slap my wrist for tardiness. At the beginning of the year we carried out some CPD events with ETSOS . ETSOS is the UK’s leading conveyancing technology specialist. We support property lawyers and estate...

Best caption wins a bottle of champagne!

  • Posted

Entry deadline Monday 9th March - 5pm. Post your suggestions in the comment box below! ...

PM Forum - The Professions in a Digital Age

  • Posted

I attended the PM Forum workshop in Manchester last week called - The Professions in a Digital Age, held at the plush offices of Pinsent Masons. There was a nice selection of speakers. The E Word - Dan Nolan The Secret of Search -...

360 Legal Group 2013 Annual Conference

  • Posted

I attended the 360Legal annual conference on earlier this month and finally got round to writing my blog on it so apologies for the delay. Here are just a few of the guest speakers and their key points around the legal profession today. Viv Williams CEO of...

Rich Dibbins - Three months with Conscious Solutions

  • Posted

So after a 5 year real world & LinkedIn relationship with David we finally both decided it was time for me to join Conscious. David always did say I would work for him and I must say what a joy it has been so far. Learning digital media, SEO for...