As a copywriter, I support the marketing services team by writing high quality and engaging content for our clients, including service pages, social media blogs, newsletters, outreach posts and everything in between.

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Joe Marcovitch

What should I avoid when writing content for my law firm website?

  • Posted

If you already know a thing or two about writing digital content, you’ll probably be aware of some of the techniques you should be utilising to craft effective copy. We recently discussed what the secret is to writing great SEO copy , as well as the ...

Seasonal Marketing Inspiration for 2022

  • Posted

Is your law firm in need of some marketing inspiration? Just like any other type of business, your law firm will be affected by seasonality. It’s an inevitability. So, what can you do to make sure that seasonality affects your firm...

Why Readability is Vital for Your Website's Content

  • Posted

We get it. Writing content for your law firm’s website can often seem like a chore that delivers little in the way of reward. What’s more, it can be deceivingly difficult to strike the right balance between engaging and informative content,...

Why Getting on Top of Your Christmas Marketing Will Make the Difference This Festive Season

  • Posted

It’s that time of year once again, everybody. Michael Bublé has almost finished defrosting, the Lynx Africa gift sets are being stacked high , and, after reading this intro, you’re probably starting to feel an indescribable sense of panic...

8 Tips for Creating a Law Firm Podcast

  • Posted

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll be aware of the rising popularity of podcasts. Everywhere you look, podcasts are cropping up covering all manner of topics – including the legal sector. For law firms and legal marketers, podcasts...

Six Months as a Digital Marketing Apprentice at Conscious

  • Posted

It’s now been (very nearly) six months since I joined Conscious as a fresh-faced Digital Marketing Apprentice and, to mark the occasion I thought I’d reflect on my experiences so far. There is occasionally a stigma attached to the title of being...