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Chosen Charity


This year for the first year we have chosen a charity that we will support for the whole year. Every team member had the opportunity to nominate a charity and present it to the team, the team then voted for their favourite to support. 

This year's chosen charity is Cancer Research. This was chosen due to a few members of the team being closely affected by the disease and holds a big part in some hearts for multiple reasons.

Throughout the year members of the Conscious team will be taking part in various activities to raise money. We have a joint JustGiving page set up for any donations. So if making a donation feel free to state who you are supporting.

Here is a list of activities already planned

- David Gilroy running 5K each day in January 

- Chris Pearce running Paris Marathon in April

- Various team members running Race for Life 

- Various activities happening for Cancer Awareness Week 3-7-Feb

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