Brand Assets

Our brand assets

Thanks for your interest in Conscious Solutions. Here you can find information on our brand guidelines and download one of our logos or find the Pantone number of our famous orange.

Our name

“Conscious Solutions” or “Conscious” either is suitable.

If spelling “Conscious Solutions” it should be spelt with a capital C and a capital S.

Our logo

Our main logo is “Conscious” written in orange on a white background, however if the logo is going on an orange or contracting background “Conscious” can be written in white. On some occasions the strapline is used and others it is not.

Download Conscious orange (including strapline)

Download Conscious white (including strapline)

Download Conscious white (not including strapline)

Download Conscious orange (not including strapline)

Our colours



Orange 1655

Opaque White 


252, 76, 2

255, 255, 255





0% 73% 98% 0%

0%, 0%, 0%, 0%


If you need any further assistance, please email and one of the team will be able to assist you.