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Client Satisfaction Surveys

Know what your clients really think

This module allows you to to send attractive HTML email invitations to Clients inviting them to complete a simple online Satisfaction Survey from the results. Major features include:Client Satisfaction Survey Module

  • send invitations in batch (via CSV upload of Client data)
  • survey data is pre-populated with Client information
  • results sent to you immediately via email in an easy-to-interpret HTML email format
  • download all data for offline analysis

For more information please download the Client Satisfaction Survey product guide.

Why not use a standard survey product?

There are several reasons why "standard" survey tools don't work well in these situations (and why we therefore developed a specific solution). Most survey products are generalised tools which often have restrictions which make them unsuitable - some are better than others but all we have considered have suffered from one or more of these problems:

  • Inability to pre-populate the form with Client data (including some hidden fields)
  • Inability to design and send attractive HTML invitations (containing personalised information)
  • Inability to deal with batch processing of HTML invitations
  • Restrictions on question formats and limited control over the the overall look-and-feel of the survey