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Social Media Training

Social Media training for Law Firms

LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Social media is all the rage. You may already have a copy of our latest tips booklet 51 Killer Tactics to an Effective Social Media Strategy for Law Firms.

However, in talking with our clients, offering a tips booklet on "how" to do things was well received, but very quickly we were being asked to actually "do" some work to help kick-start their social media activities.

If you're interested in something more advanced, have a look at our Social media for law firm workshops or LinkedIn for Sales training.

Prices start from £240 for a strategy session with your Partners, marketing or management team.

A Common Craft video intro to LinkedIn

This is probably the one social media website that we spend most of our time in, and think that law firms should as well to make the most of law firm's social media strategy.  Here's a great video from the guys at Common Craft that gives an excellent explanation to LinkedIn. Why not come on over and connect with us.