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Marketing quickstart

Let’s Just Get Going! - The importance of communicating with clients without necessarily always ‘selling’ to them is vital, we all know how it feels when the friend you hardly ever see only turns up when they want something - usually our precious time, we’re not very receptive.

It’s the same with marketing your services, if you only stay in touch with your clients when you want something, you lose the trust and interest that you spent money and time building in the first place.

We have devised the ‘Quick Start’ marketing package to enable you to build and maintain those all important client relationships. This package enables you to have a ‘toe in the water’ approach to your marketing allowing us to guide you with ideas or, indeed, just to get you going if you are fed up of your marketing ideas sitting getting dusty on the shelf.

The Process.

  • Data Review and Capture Programme

Keeping accurate, up-to-date records of your client is clearly important. How many times have you received letters or catalogues in multiples because they have your name or address written in two or three different ways. Receiving duplicate mail or wrongly spelt names instantly implies that you don’t really care about me and that letter or important invitation will invariably go in the bin.

We will review your databases and the systems you are using and the way in which data is collected. We will supply templates to facilitate ‘correct’ data capture and help you monitor the firm’s policy on collecting data.

  • Email Newsletters and Template

This is a fabulous way of staying in touch with your clients both private and commercial. It costs you very little but maintains a constant flow of communication.

“Ok, I’m sending them out but I’m not getting any feedback on if it’s working?”

With our system you will as it tracks who opens the email and which articles they read. You can then target, specifically, to the needs of that client instead of sending irrelevant information. We would also encourage you to include “calls to action” within your newsletter to increase the number of direct responses back to you.

“The statistics were very impressive. It really is invaluable to know who’s interested in your services before you start to follow up.”
Richard Moran, Practice Manager, GTC Law

“We don’t have time to write newsletters”

If this is the case we can provide the content from our knowledge rich library and ensure that your newsletters are send regularly.

  • Press Release and Local Media List

Communicating and building relationships with your local media is very important and a lot of firms can overlook this point. If you have an interesting story to tell, the media will be keen to promote it and by association your firm.

The press want to hear about your news, but they need it to be interesting, relevant and up-to-date. Of course understanding the requirement for a good story is easy, writing and making it interesting and getting it to the press whilst it is still hot, is not.

This is where we come in, put the headache tablets away, we can get you started by writing a press release for you and distributing it to relevant media on your behalf. We’ll also give you the list so you can do it again yourself next time!

  • Seminars and Follow up Package

We can work with you to put together a carefully planned and effectively executed seminar that will deliver results in terms of ‘feel good’ factor for your clients, prospects and fee earners but more importantly, business growth. In our experience it’s all about focus in terms of the delegate list and topic and engaging with your audience in terms of the presentation, networking and follow-up.

Getting started checklist.

When deciding which marketing initiative to kick off with it’s worth considering:

  • How do you currently communicate with clients and prospects?
  • What’s worked well in the past and why?
  • What’s your target audience?
  • What are they interested in?
  • Which of your partners and lawyers are keen marketers and what are their strengths – article writing, public speaking, networking or selling?
  • Timeframe and budget

Fee Structure.

As clients want certainty on fees we will deliver each of the following packages on a fixed fee basis.

1 x Data Review and Capture Programme
1 x Email Newsletter Template
1 x Press Release and Local Media List
1 x Seminar and Follow-up Package

Please call David Gilroy now on 0117 325 0202 to discuss costs or any other element of the service. We look forward to hearing from you