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JCP Solicitors

“I just have to congratulate your company on your website. It’s very explicit, easy to navigate and I like all the faces. There are very many rubbish websites out there as you know, but yours is excellent!”.”

Amy Seppman, Marketing Director, JCP Solicitors - http://www.jcpsolicitors.co.uk - Clients from 2008 - 2012 and from May 2015.

Boys & Maughan

“Between January 2013 and March 2015 we received an average of 34 enquiries per month. This month we have had 58. What a difference a new website makes! May our good fortune continue.”

Ian Priston, Marketing Manager, Boys & Maughan Solicitors - http://www.boysandmaughan.co.uk - Clients since March 2006.

mfg Solicitors

“Conscious Solutions have been on board for over 4 years and are very much an extension of our team. They know their subject, are quick to respond, equip us with the knowledge and tools to manage processes internally where able and, are fun to work with. If you’re a law firm looking for digital expertise, ideas, guidance and support, I have no hesitation in recommending Conscious Solutions.”

Elizabeth Armstrong, Marketing Manager, mfg Solicitors LLP - https://www.mfgsolicitors.com/ - Clients since March 2016.

Clutton Cox

"I have had my first client instruct me online for Conveyancing, literally overnight. One more of those and it has paid for the cost of the website."

Paul Hajek, Principal, Clutton Cox Solicitors - http://www.cluttoncox.co.uk - Clients since December 2008.

Fairweather Stephenson

"I was contacted this morning by a new client who had found us on the internet - and this is the good bit, he is an website designer who chose us because he thinks we have a brilliant site! He liked the fact that the site provides good information and isn't full of meaningless hype."

Mark Fairweather, Partner, Fairweather Stephenson - http://www.fairweatherstephenson.co.uk - Clients since March 2009.