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Chatbot Workshop

Chatbot Workshop

There's chat about chatbots on the legal streets, but the question is - how would this be successful for your firm? This is where we get involved...

You may have seen this news on the Legal Futures website about us working on a chatbot for one legal services provider :- 
And this article from the US about the rise of chatbots is worth a quick read :-
Also, here are links to a couple of chatbots we have done already:- 

So we are holding a chatbot workshop with our pilot clients to discuss advantages, problems and improvements to our chatbot product and would like you to attend. 

This will be taking place in a central London location on 2 October 2018. 

If you fancy attending, places are limited so a quick response would be appreciated. Please email: katie@conscious.co.uk
Ideally one of your marketing/business people along with someone from your IT/systems team should attend, as we would like to have two ‘streams’ of discussion going on around the ‘human interaction’ side of such things as well as the technical side including integration with practice management systems.