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Browser Trends in the UK Legal Market

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Anyone involved in web development knows that it's important to test sites on many different browsers, but which browsers need to be supported and when is it OK to drop support for an old browser? To answer these questions we keep an eye on usage statistics.

The data shown below was gathered from a representative selection of UK law firms and represents 100,000 separate user sessions during the first quarter of 2014.

browser trends


Browser PercentageDate
Internet Explorer (All) 43% 
Internet Explorer 11.013% Oct-13
Internet Explorer 10.06% Oct-12
Internet Explorer 9.09% Mar-11
Internet Explorer 8.014% Mar-09
Internet Explorer 7.02% Oct-06
Internet Explorer 6.00.2% Aug-01
Chrome 24% 
Safari 21% 
Firefox 7% 
Other 5% 


The total figure for IE is 43% which is about 10% higher than the average reported by StatCounter for the whole of the UK market (see below). The most likely reason for this is that our usage data reflects a higher proportion of business users (where IE is more likely) and excludes mobile devices.


browser trends UK market


Related information:

  • About 5% of usage is from tablets
  • 80% of all tablet usage is from the iPad