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Video Killed The Radio Star

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While your website needs to come across as slick and professional, relationships are built on trust – that human side to your firm. Well, what better way to show the human side of your firm than through a video? When video killed the radio star, it wasn’t a one off. Video was on a rampage, and still is. There’s no stopping it. 300 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every day. 1 billion of the world’s population are YouTube users. Just consider that for a moment.

1 billion.

Has it sunk in yet?

Okay. So now you’re on our level. Why spend hours writing about ‘what your firm does’ when you can show people in a video? Give your potential clients a door into your world, and let them open it. Now they’ve seen your face – this gives you an edge over the competition. Okay, so it’s not a real meeting. But it’s halfway there.

When using video on your website, remember to get creative. Your video needn’t be just you, sat in your office, promising to deliver results and “be there every step of the way.” In fact, it shouldn’t be. Inject some personality into your video! Consider this: what would you watch? (More to the point, what would you watch for more than 10 seconds?)

Youtube has recently launched ‘Youtube Capture’, which can be described in 3 words: Vine But Better. If members of staff from your firm attend an event, this feature is perfect for creating a video diary of the day, and thus showing people what it’s like to work with you. See how simple it can be? All you need is a smartphone, and don’t lie – I know you have one.

But there are plenty of ways to use video. Perhaps you want to inject humour into your online presence and try out a mocumentary (a mock-documentary) about your firm. This could be updated monthly, giving people something to look forward to, a reason to click on your page. Or another idea would be the straightforward testimonial, because while a written one on your site looks great, a visual one is 100 times more valuable. Check out ours here: /site/our-clients/testimonials/

Be it an ice bucket challenge, a weekly interview with different people in your firm or even a dance off, this is the medium that will attract attention.

Video shows, it does not tell. 


    • Video Marketing worksBoyd Butler
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    David, you are right to encourage videos on law firm websites. 

    I think many firms are scared that videos have to be perfect and are therefore expensive.

    However, a simple webcam video using YouTube or a screen recording talking through a presentation can be very effective.

    As an IPhone has a great video camera, this is easy to use with Imovie to edit on the Iphone too.

    There are really not many excuses when it comes to trying out video and one of the best ways is, as you say, with video testimonials.

    I recently wrote a guide to how to shoot a Powerpoint style video and concluded you only ever need 9 slides to cover almost any subject in enough depth  that makes watching a video worth while. That's 27 bullet points and anyone can put that together in about 20 minutes if they know their subject matter.

    Video can be shared easily too and sending out a link to a video in an email newsletter will often get people engaged in a way that a written report won't. I always say that people have big televisions and small libraries. That's why they prefer to watch rather than read.

    Boyd Butler - Great Legal Marketing