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Orange dog goes missing at the LFS Conference & Awards

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You may know of our prediliction/fascination for/with orange dogs.  We think of them as our ‘brand ambassadors’ and they regularly travel with us to events.

Before now they have been borrowed on the day to have a bit of fun with or even ‘kidnapped’ whilst being on their LawNet charity tour.

But, last week, as the LFS Conference & Awards, one was properly nicked, or so we thought.  Chris Harris of Today’s Conveyancer wrote very elegantly about the situation on his blog today -

Then our post arrived and it seems that Dogbert did a runner all by himself and has at least taken the time to let us know where he is.  So, if you recognise the garden shed below, please do let us know. We would like him back at some point.

(Click on the images to see larger ones)


Wording on the back of the postcard

Photo of the shed and Dogbert