As SEO Executive, Matt supports the SEO Managers by carrying out the day-to-day technical SEO crawls and fixes, keyword optimisation, client reporting, link-building, outreach and everything else that helps maintain and grow our clients’ web presence.

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Matt Nicholls

How can law firms use Google's new tool to remove unfair reviews?

  • Posted

Last week Google released a new tool that allows law firms and other businesses to manage their Google My Business reviews. Previously, trying to get a dishonest review removed from your profile was a real hassle with no definite way to request their...

Brighton SEO 2019 - Local Search, Entities and 'keeping it simple'

  • Posted

Last week me and my SEO compadres, Jamie, Chris and Ed attended the two-day Brighton SEO convention. It was my first time in Brighton, a crazy city on the south coast of the UK that has transformed itself from an old-school English pleasant pier to a...