As a copywriter, I produce the words for our clients’ websites. It’s my job to clearly communicate what your law firm is all about and help people see that you are the people they need to help resolve their legal issues.

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Ed Prior

How to add SEO keywords into your website content without making it sound terrible

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Keywords are an essential part of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If someone uses Google to search for ‘divorce solicitors in Bristol’ and your website has a page with that exact phrase on it, Google is much more likely to show the searcher a...

Are you making these 5 common mistakes with your law firm's website content?

  • Posted

Everyone can write, right? And you know all about the law because you work at a law firm. So, it should be pretty straightforward to sit down and write some content for your firm’s website, shouldn’t it? You might think so, but bitter experience...

What's the point of this blog?

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If you’ve been asked to write a blog for your firm’s website or have taken it upon yourself to do so because you’ve heard “blogging is good for business”, you may be asking yourself “what’s the point?”. The...