As a Search Marketing Manager I am responsible for analysing the technical SEO aspects of your site and optimising it so that it ranks highly in search engines applying diagnostic tools and industry best practices that are always evolving and adapting to the latest algorithm updates.

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Chris Mundy

Marketing in a Crisis: In truly unprecedented times there is still opportunity

  • Posted

We are living through unprecedented times right now. Never before in history have so many elements of the life we all take for granted been affected to such a degree :- Families are adapting to school closures and...

2019 Google algorithm updates

  • Posted

For those who are closely involved in the organic search engine marketing industry, it has become obvious that over the past few years Google has been rapidly accelerating the pace at which it releases major updates to its search algorithm. For the first...

Latest Changes to Google's Local Search Pack

  • Posted

For those who have been watching the evolution of Google’s local search pack that sits above organic results on a typical S.E.R.P. page, there may be another seismic shift on the near-horizon. Over the years we have seen that crucial bit of contested...

Complete Your Google My Business Listing

  • Posted

A quick heads up to all owners of Google My Business profile listings: Google has added a new “Short Name” option in your “Info” tab and if left incomplete your formerly 100% complete listing is now an 85% complete listing. Incomplete...

The Google Medic Update & Mobile-First Indexing

  • Posted

The Google Medic Update & Mobile-First Indexing – The Impact on Law Firm’s Websites There are two factors that influence whether, where, how, and for which search terms any given page will be presented by Google in response to a...

Major Google algorithm seems to have been rolled out

  • Posted

Google has just confirmed another major series of search algorithm updates took place in mid-December 2017. In line with their long-admitted intention to ultimately shift search to mobile-first indexing, it appears that the largest impact on rankings did...

Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors for Multi-Location Businesses

  • Posted

Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors - Multi-Location Businesses There has been a lot of growing hype over the last few years regarding the concept of Local SEO. Local SEO strategies are what enable businesses to rank in the highly competitive...

Google Confirms Ads Coming to the Local Pack

  • Posted

On 21 June, The SEO world received a bit of a shock during a pre-conference workshop at SMX Advanced Local Workshop in Seattle. Ali Turhan, Google’s Global Product Lead for Local Ads revealed a screen shot of a smart phone search result displaying a...

How To Add Notes To Your Google Analytics Data

  • Posted

Often overlooked, this Google Analytics feature can really help you keep track of spikes in your data. For example, did you run a really successful campaign in May and see an obvious surge of visits to your website as a result? Google Analytics allows you...

Mobile Page Load Speed is a Ranking Factor

  • Posted

One of the many takeaways from Google’s recent Search Marketing Summit in Sydney is that they will be updating the page speed ranking factor as part of their latest, real-time mobile-friendly search algorithm. Google has been progressively giving more...