As a Copywriter, I produce written content for our clients’ websites. My job is to transform legal jargon into clear, understandable, and engaging content to market your legal services and convince people that your firm is right for them.

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Alice Mitchell

Three types of blog post you should have on your website (and why they all matter)

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Why blog? What, as a law firm, could you get out of regularly posting blog content to your website? Well, the obvious reason is SEO. Search engines love blog posts – fresh, relevant and interesting content that is often written by experts in...

Giving up Meat for Cancer Research (and the Environment)

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This November, the Conscious Green Team are taking part in the Cancer Research UK Veg Pledge challenge. We’re going vegetarian or vegan for the entire month of November and asking our friends, family and colleagues to sponsor us to support...

My First Month at Conscious

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It’s been one month since I joined the Conscious team as a Copywriter, and what a whirlwind it has been (spoilers – in a good way). Just a few days after I started, I had an email conversation with our Managing Director of Stuff & Things,...