About us

Overview of Conscious

Why we do what we do

We exist to 'help law firms make more money from their website', that's it, plain and simple!

There’s nothing quite like the reaction from a law firm the first time you show them the design of the fabulous new website. Same thing when a successful marketing campaign demonstrates a real return on investment. The first time you get a complimentary email from one of your clients or referrers is a great moment for you and thus for us.

It is reactions and results like this that drive us.

Ours is a big, yet small team. Now, 39 people, that's pretty big for an agency, yet small compared to lots of our clients.  Our whole team have a professional yet friendly relationship with all our clients. Sure, from time to time there may be delays, aren’t there in your world? Life is not always perfect.  To find out more about how we 'think' you might want to read our mantras.

But, we try hard to put things right when things are not perfect. Rather than listen to what we think, why not watch what our clients say about us in our law firm marketing testimonials or watch our clients talk about us on our YouTube channel.