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On The Road - Events We're Attending

You won't miss us dressed in orange attire (shoes, shirts, handbags - we have it all!)

We get asked to go and speak at all kinds of places, CPD seminars by local law societies, training conferences and in-house training. We are all done for this year but take a look at where we will be heading in 2020. 


Here is a selection of the presentations we have given. As you can see, we have hosted the presentations on Slideshare which is a great resource for sharing your presentations with clients, prospects and the world in general.

Past events:


  • 30-June and 1-Jul - LawNet Annual Conference - David Gilroy, Sahra-Marie Tulloch and Maddie Platt attending. Conscious sponsoring.
  • 8-June - Law South Social Media Webinar - David Gilroy attending
  • 15-June - LawNet Golf Day and Dinner - David Gilroy and Maddie Platt attending. Conscious sponsoring.
  • 16-June - Law Firm Marketing Club: Building Digital Relationships Online - David Gilroy presenting
  • 27-May - Gympanzees Golf Day - David Gilroy attending
  • 20-May - Wales Legal Awards - Conscious sponsoring. David Gilroy and Sahra-Marie Tulloch attending
  • 19-May - Law Management Section Annual Conference - David Gilroy attending
  • 13-May - Law Firm Marketing Club Netwalking - Davild Gilroy and Sahra-Marie Tulloch attending
  • 10-May - Smith and Williamson Breakfast Session - David Gilroy presenting and Maddie Platt attending
  • 28-April - Conscious Conversations - Social Media Paid Ads - Laura Morris presenting
  • 12-April - Bristol Life Awards Sponsors and Finalists Reception - Sahra-Marie Tulloch and Maddie Platt attending
  • 28-Mar - Law Firm Marketing Club Ukraine Fundraiser - David Gilroy attending
  • 24-Mar - 25-Mar - Law Firm Marketing Club Members Summit - Dan Hodges and Sahra-Marie Tulloch attending
  • 24-Feb - Conscious Conversation: The Hidden Gems of Social Media - Laura Morris presenting
  • 6-Feb - Bristol Business Fives - Members of the whole team.
  • 12-Jan - Agency Hacker: Trendy Benefits, for and against - David Gilroy hosting
  • 11-Jan - Law Firm Marketing Club Roundtable - David Gilroy and Laura Morris presenting