About us

Marketing support for law firms who have furloughed their marketing teams

Have current events necessitated furloughing your marketing team? We know some customers who have already done it.

Your marketers are talented (we have the pleasure of working with them!) and, importantly, irreplaceable. But we can help to ensure they don’t come back to a stale brand, a disengaged audience, and digital anonymity. Competitors may take the opportunity to get ahead.

After all, the subject line of most of our emails has been ‘Double down or pull out?’ – because if you ‘stay in the game’ while your competitors don’t, all of your efforts are effectively doubled.  We have a full blog post on things your law firm could be doing, even in a crisis.

So if you need us, we could :-

  • put together and send out your regular (or irregular!) comms to clients, ensuring they know you are still open for business and have your fingers on the pulse;
  • run and manage your PPC campaigns until your team are back;
  • run your social media channels until your team are back;
  • produce regular, timely content to go on the website, in your newsletters, and on your social media channels; and
  • be a sounding board for any strategic decisions you may need to make without the contribution of some of your most trusted colleagues.

If any or all of the above are likely to be helpful to you, the first step is just to reply to this email or pick up the phone and start the conversation.

And, I’m prepared to do any new work outlined above in a ‘not-for-profit way’ so can be creative with what and when you pay.

David Gilroy
Managing Director
07976 289015 (available 8am - 8pm 7 days a week)