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Yesterday saw the first of what is probably going to be a six-monthly event.  It was a workshop around how are clients are getting the best out of the FREE version of SugarCRM, known as the Community Edition.

Attendees ranged from a planning consultancy with 270 employees, a law firm with 180 and a paten attorney with 150 employees.  Overall there were 11 people from 8 firms.

The topics discussed were very non-technical, it was all very much about rollout, user adoption etc.  The three over-riding aspects of a CRM implementation that we as a business try and get clients to think about are :-

  1. Process
  2. Habit
  3. Culture

Usually in that order. You can’t change your firm’s culture overnight, but you can define new processes to encourage adoption of CRM and ingrain new habits amongst your team.  Do this well and culture will start to change itself.  These are first three topics we discuss in our tips booklet on law firm CRM implementation.

There was no set agenda we brainstormed an agenda at the beginning of the meeting and the following broad themes were discussed :-

  • Client intelligence, key account management, user adoption & people management
  • Integration, external connectors, email marketing
  • Reporting

Come 4:30pm everyone was kind of “talked out” and there was some obvious shuffling of papers and in one case, putting on of a jacket, so I took that as a cue to wrap up the workshop.

Here's one lovely email I received this morning from one of the participants :-

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Subject:First Sugar user group meeting
Date:Wed, 2 May 2012 10:06:33 +0000
From:???? ????? <??????@?????>
To:David Gilroy ( <>



I thought I drop you a quick mail to say that both Clare and I (even the techie in the room) found yesterdays meeting thoroughly enjoyable and informative.  It was useful to find out how others are using SugarCRM in their respective businesses and where they are in their journey to digitised CRM.

We are particularly interested in the Sugar web update module that seemed to generate interest within the group.

Looking forward to the next meeting.




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