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Subject:Action required: Your Google Analytics reports will stop being mailed soon.
Date:Wed, 16 May 2012 05:49:03 +0000
From:Google Analytics team <>

Google Analytics
Update your Google Analytics scheduled email reports
Dear Analytics User,

It’s time to update your Google Analytics scheduled email reports and move them to the new version of Google Analytics. As of June we will no longer be supporting the old emailer and your currently scheduled email reports will stop mailing. 

Last month we announced the addition of scheduling email reports and PDF’s in the new version of Google Analytics. This is an opportunity to "reset" your scheduled emails. Consider which scheduled emails have been most helpful and be sure to recreate those in the new interface. The new Google Analytics has some reporting differences and additional metrics that you may want to take advantage of when drafting new scheduled emails.

To set up new scheduled emails
Look in the newly-redesigned Utility Bar located at the top of your favorite reports for Email and PDF Export options:

Clicking on the "Email" button on a dashboard pulls up the same email scheduling dialog as in standard reports and offers the same feature set:

We understand what a useful tool these emailed reports are for users and we want to give you advance notice that they will stop mailing. Set up the reports you need in the new version of Google Analytics before June 2012 to be sure there is no interruption in your reports. With this advance notice we hope your migration to the new interface will go smoothly.

Chris Anderson
Google Analytics Team


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